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Rank post on Google Track and measure the correct metrics Part-3

Rank post on Google Track and measure the correct metrics part-3

Ranking Algorithm of Google
Rank post on Google 

Step 3: Track and measure the correct metrics

After this, the time to track some important metrics on your site is to find out which other factors you need to improve. Here are the most important metrics for estimation.

Organic traffic

It is important to know how many visitors get to your site via Google. A study of BrightEdge has shown that biological discoveries crushed 51% of B2B and B2C website visitors, paid search and non-organic channels such as social media, which removed 10% and 5% .

Studies have also shown that biological discovery was the highest source of revenue for every industry except media and entertainment, where there is referrals under the leadership of email, performance and a small difference.

Rank post on Google 

To know how many visitors arrive on your site, log into your Google Analytics account and view the reports of acquisition channels. This useful Google Analytics Video Tutorial will guide you.

Organic traffic conversion

As well as analyzing your search traffic, it is worth noting on keywords that generate traffic for your site.
One way to find them is a simple tool called SERP Scan. I use it to identify keywords that are systematically changed for my site.

SERP Scan will show you keywords that have sent organic traffic to your site within the last 12 months. It includes an on-page SEO keyword display chart.

This tool makes it easy to get the data you need from Google Analytics and to understand a comprehensive picture related to the keyword on your site. But, you still need more.

Keyword ranking for business keywords

The 1 keyword research is not spending enough time on commercial keywords.

Because business keywords are those who make money In order to improve your search engine ranking and earn revenue, you need to understand the difference between commercial and informative keywords to improve Google rankings.

If all your keywords are informative, you will still generate organic traffic, but it can be difficult to convert those visitors to buyers or those sharing on social media.

Rank post on Google 

The reason for this is that visitors who search for informational keywords like:

• How To Clean Acne With Home Products
• How to Install WordPress
• Make money online for free
• Free ebook download – –
• Top 10 free article spinners
• If they are not in the mood to buy, they want       you to speak their language – the free search     engine language.

On the contrary, there are people who use keywords:

Best acne products
Top 10 web hosting providers
Web designers in NY
These people are probably looking for a solution that they can buy.

Rank post on Google 

If you are in the e-commerce industry, then you hope that you already know that commercial keywords change very well.
Keywords containing the following keyword phrase in the form of the following word (suffix) or suffix (latter):

• Buy
• Analysis
• Purchase
• concession
• Coupon
• Deal
• Shipping & Delivery
• The order

Earlier, I talked about the keywords that are sending you organic traffic. They should also be used in Meta descriptions as well as on-page SEO (more on this later).

Here is another example. Can You Distinguish Informational and Commercial Keywords?
Set up an SEO dashboard to track these metrics

I recommend that you set up an SEO dashboard so that you can track all the important metrics at any time.

Here’s an example.

In addition to setting up dashboards in Google Analytics, you can get more rich keyword data by linking Google Webmaster Tools to Google Analytics. Here is a step-by-step guide to doing this from

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